Pario Arts: Art Therapy and Counseling

What is Art Therapy?

Watch this short video from the Foundation for Art and Healing:

Art therapy uses painting, drawing, collage, art journaling, sculpture and other creative processes to help a person express and explore emotions, and facilitate growth and healing. 

Art therapy combines knowledge of human development, expressive art, and the creative process with counseling and psychotherapy.

Today, counseling centers, schools, hospitals and many other community agencies increasingly include art therapy programs along with traditional "talk therapies", because they recognize that the creative process of art making enhances recovery, health, and wellness.

Who Can Be Helped By Art Therapy?

Art therapists work with people of all ages in many different environments to address challenging mental, physical, and social issues.

Art therapy is used to treat a wide range of issues, including family and relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions, substance abuse and addiction, abuse and domestic violence, social and emotional issues related to disability or cognitive loss, trauma, and psychosocial difficulties related to medical illnesses.

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